This page provides everything students need to know about EPT-UTama. Be sure to check in regularly to find out the latest information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EPT-UTama?

EPT-UTama stands for English Proficiency Test for the University of Widyatama. It is an instrument to measure English skill level that may be certified for administrative purposes.

EPT-UTama is a series of tests and programs in which students can improve their scores in a more convenient way. It consists of:

  • Incoming Test for new students
  • In-Process Test for students taking the Academic English and English Proficiency Certification classes
  • Out-Going Test for students who are writing their final paper (skripsi or tugas akhir), comprising of Regular Test and EPT Preparation


Who can take EPT-UTama?

At first, it was designed to cater for the needs of UTama students as part of the university’s objectives. Since the establishment of UTama Language and Cultural Centre (or Pusat Bahasa), it is open for anyone who wishes to know their English competency.


When can I take EPT-UTama?

Incoming Test is usually done before the new academic year begins. In-Process Tests are conducted as a mid and or final tests for Academic English and English Proficiency classes. Out-Going Test has its own schedule that can be accessed in the corresponding page.


How do I participate in EPT-UTama?

For Incoming and In-Process Tests, students need to follow the semester schedules.

For Regular Tests, participants need to register at PUPD and pay Rp.35.000,- (for active students) or Rp.50.000,- (alumni and public) as well as submitting the pink slip to ULCC to reserve a seat for a preferred date.

For EPT Preparation, students can register for free (if it is the first registration) or pay Rp.100.000 for recurring registration at PUPD as well as submitting the pink slip to ULCC to reserve a seat for a preferred date. Students need to submit also a copy of their kartu bimbingan skripsi and a verified transcript to ULCC.


Can I get a certificate for a test I have taken?

Not all test results can be certified: only results from English Proficiency Progress Tests and Out-Going Tests are eligible for certificate issuance.


How do I register for a test result certificate?

For results from English Proficiency Certification, students can register their names at PUPD and pay Rp.5.000. The certificate should be ready 7 work days (at most) after the registration.


If I lost or damaged my certificate, can I print a new one?

Students can print new certificate if it is still valid (within the stated date of validity) by registering their name at PUPD and pay Rp.5.000 before submitting the pink slip to ULCC. Otherwise, they need to re-take the test by following the same procedure for registering for an Out-Going Test.