So you want to be a UVR, eh?

Here’s the deal. ?If you

  • share the same passion in?English
  • believe you can learn English from your other skills
  • believe you can make a difference with your dedication and ability
  • are not afraid of doing things out-of-the-box
  • are not afraid of doing some hard work

then you are the person ULCC is looking for!

As a UVR, you will be given the following benefits for FREE for the duration of your services:

  • training in using English for various occasions (MC-ing, presenting, communicating, corresponding, translating, and academic purposes).
  • training in managerial, administrative, marketing, and event management skills
  • training in web content building and cloud computing facility
  • a non-academic transcript for school requirements
  • letter of recommendation to future employees
  • seats to workshops and events

As a UVR, your responsibilities are:

  • getting yourself better at English
  • getting more people to use English
  • organizing events related to English Day and ULCC programs
  • assisting with administrative work
  • maintaining the ULCC web
  • issuing bi-monthly English bulletin

So, if you can dedicate a full year (including some weekends and holidays) and are interested in becoming part of the English-speaking elite team, bring in person your application letter and your current CV (with a color photo), addressed to:

Head of ULCC (Pusat Bahasa),Gedung Pustaka Loka, 3rd Floor,?Universitas Widyatama

Are you tough enough for the challenge?