Alvii T.B. Siregar, M.A.

Head of UTama Language and Cultural Centre


An advocate of independent learning with the aid of internet and software technology, he is a true believer in people being responsible for their development in life, especially language skills. His passion for local culture is incorporated with building the necessary skills to elaborate it to international scope. The mix has manifested in flipping the way people learn English at the Centre: people are encouraged to enhance their passion and embrace English into the interaction. The current project he is currently engaged in are Sundanese traditional and semi-contemporary dances and Longser (Sundanese humorous plays).


Meita Lukitawati Sujatna, M. Hum



A former Head of SAC and also a IT-based learning supporter herself, her contributions during her office are evident even today. Her main impact is in the establishment of the workstations where people can access the software to learn English and other languages by themselves. She has also highlighted some useful and free resources in the Internet to supplement the software. She is also a keen speaker in workshops for international tests of English and translation software.


Anggi Try Budiarti, S.S.



An alumnus of the English Department and a keen person in organizing things, she fits right in the job to take care of the EPT and other ULCC programs. She is also a regular moderator in workshops for international English tests.







The Centre is also assisted by Volunteers who are trained for a year with various skills, from clerical to managerial skills with English Skills Enhancement embedded in their trainings. The recruits are projected to become apt office professionals whose communication and leadership traits are ready to be deployed in their future careers.

The 2013 members are:

Vivi Nursovi, Floretta Gavra, Ayu Shinta, Citra Nissa Aldina, and Riani Anggia.